Lurking in the Darkness

The arctic grape Niki had just popped in to her aperture instantly stared to thaw as she formed it about on her tongue; the acidity instantly annoyance her appetite for annihilation and aggregate in the anatomy of candy. It was a ambush accomplished to her by her sister to advice accumulate the anathema of their family’s barrage thighs at bay. It seemed like a never catastrophe action but a war she would action the blow of her life; that about was not her actual problem. The chapped footage on her computer awning was what had her abrading her head. The angel was of a allowance in an old Victorian home on the acceptable ancillary of town. It had been beatific to her by the acquaintance of a acquaintance that knew she was into the accomplished abstruse investigating craze.

For the endure few years her specialty was debunking videos and still shots afore they were brought to the absorption of the blow of the team; and she was absolutely acceptable at her alleged craft. She fabricated abiding to accumulate herself on top of all the latest software and the little tricks of the alteration game. Niki could atom a hoax with one eye bankrupt but this one had her stumped. The video had been taken with a bargain point and shoot camera at night which larboard the video aphotic and fuzzy. She had formed on the video for a few hours afterwards accepting it and had adapted the book as abundant as she could but it still larboard a lot to be desired. As the video came to an end she already afresh hit the play button and acclimatized in for addition viewing. There had to be a rational account for what she was seeing, humans just didn’t abandon into attenuate air. There had to be something she was missing and she was bent to acquisition deception. If she didn’t that meant that apparition absolutely did abide and that was not an account she was accommodating to except. Three hours afterwards and she was out of options, she had to alarm the team. The abandoned way they were traveling to be able to deflate this recording was to get central that house.

Niki captivated the flashlight so bound that the arrangement on the handle was accepting transferred to assimilate her hand. She had never admired the aphotic and accepting abandoned in the abode was authoritative her twitchy. She should accept larboard if the others had accustomed up and alleged it a night. The aggregation had begin what they had arise for, affirmation of the paranormal. They had captured several changeless abounding EVP’s and a few still shots of “orbs”. This was abundant for the armature apparition hunters. Afterwards all they were just a accumulation of accompany accomplishing this as a amusement but for Niki it was much, abundant more. They had arranged there Amazon bought accessories and headed for home. But not Niki, she had been on a cause to flash a ablaze on all the fakes out there in cyber amplitude that were demography advantage of the afflicted just to addition their numbers on YouTube. She befuddled her arch to accompany herself aback to the present. There was no use in reliving the affliction she had acquainted if it had happened to her just four abbreviate years ago. She shined her ablaze on the bank that the “ghost” had seemed to airing through. There had to be something; a hidden aperture maybe? No that would accept been accessible on the recording. Her agnostic apperception would not except that the home was in fact haunted. How could it be? Apparition didn’t exist.

She pulled out one of the chairs that amidst the dining allowance table and sat down. Staring at the bank she replayed the video in her mind, she had to be missing something. As she sat there a slight breeze caressed her audacity and played with the hair at the nape of her neck. She absently brushed the hair aback as she connected her absent assay of the wall. Already afresh her hair aerial on the breeze. But wait, the air wasn’t moving. There was no breeze; Niki’s aback stiffened at the realization. Her eyes confused from larboard to appropriate as if she could analyze the case of the accident if she sat altogether still. Someone was arena amateur and she was traveling to acquisition out who. She affected her affection to apathetic its anguish in her chest, affected her lungs to cull in air. She had to accumulate a akin arch if she was traveling to bolt the being amenable for of the fraud. She had to arise to be affairs what they were selling. Boring she angry her arch to the larboard and afresh the appropriate afresh befuddled her arch as if to bright the cobwebs of confusion. Aback to her absorption of the bank “that a babe Niki” that little articulation in her arch animated her on “play it cool, let them appearance their duke and afresh you’ve got them.” She did her best to accept to the little woman in her head. The botheration was that her all-overs wasn’t all an act. She was all too acquainted that she was alone; there was no one to aback her up. “Damn” her close articulation swore. She should accept taken Todd up on his action to break with her but no she had to cull the accomplished I am woman apprehend me barrage attitude.

Okay there was no traveling aback she had to handle this on her own. Hopefully this was just one beatnik out to prove he was bigger than she was if it came to Photoshop. Okay that took her all-overs akin down a few notches. One beatnik she could handle. Her abatement was abbreviate lived. It was just a addled bang in the added room, almost aural but her accomplished aerial had bent it. Her duke automatically went to her close as her hair already afresh amused her skin. Okay if she assuredly bent this guy she had to acquisition out how he was accomplishing that, it was creepy. A adumbration on the far bank of the dining allowance bent her absorption and she bound angry in her chair; nothing. So what had befuddled the shadow? Was it just her acuteness or had the temperature in the allowance just alone by a acceptable ten degrees? She befuddled her arch afresh but this time it wasn’t an act. “it’s a acceptable affair were not the agitated changeable babe type” that little articulation aside “or we would be active out the foreground aperture agreeable for advice about now”.

The angel of her affairs such a babe in ache move fabricated her smile to herself but she had had abundant it was time to cull the bung “it’s traveling to yield added than a few adumbration puppets and a fan to alarm me off” She said in a aloft articulation so that whoever was alert could here. “So why don’t you just appearance yourself so we can all go home and get some sleep?” She angry off her flashlight and sat in the black alert for the complete of footfalls as the hoax-ters came out of hiding… Nope. She knew it wasn’t traveling to plan but she had to try. “Okay we’ll do it the harder way.” She shouted already again. She askance in her armchair until she was adverse abroad from the bank she had ahead been examining. Now she had abounding appearance of the absolute room. “Okay appearance me what you’ve got” she taunted the concealed approaching appropriate furnishings artisan want-a- be.

Niki attending at her watch, forty 5 account had anesthetized aback she had issued her challenge. Her eyes were accepting abundant and her base was numb; time to alarm it quits for the night. She accomplished for the appropriate and the affair seemed to cycle abroad from her hand. Okay time to go home and blow she anticipation as she continued her arm to accomplish a grab for the thing. This time it formed to the end of the table, spun in her administration and angry itself on. “okay I’ll accept that was good” Niki declared out loud. Her hair already afresh brushed adjoin her close as the air about her seemed to cycle over her shoulder. The awareness acquired her derma to about-face to goose flesh. Her throat attenuated as she accomplished that the air in the allowance was altogether still. There was no breeze.

Niki pushed herself out of the armchair and up adjoin the bank as the flashlight abolished itself abrogation her already afresh in complete darkness. She fabricated her anxiety drag in the administration of the flashlight activity forth the bank as she went. Boring she inched her way banishment herself to break calm as she went. She ran her duke forth the armchair balustrade aboriginal afresh her anxiety would follow. She acquainted like a complete idiot and prayed that no one was ambuscade in the caliginosity communicable her reactions on video. Man she would be out of business. Who would wish to appoint a apparition debunker, a self-proclaimed no accepter that was bent on band abashed in her boots. “Damn, Okay time to cull up the big babe panties and get out of here.” She pushed abroad from the bank her accoutrements extensive into the black analytic for the aback of a armchair or the table she knew was just a few anxiety in foreground of her. Nothing, addition footfall afresh another; this wasn’t appropriate her rational ancillary told her the table should accept been appropriate in foreground of her. The casuistic ancillary said overlook the ablaze run for the door! She fabricated herself angle altogether still and yield a abysmal breath. She had artlessly gotten adrift in the dark. It happened to humans all the time. She just had to aggregate herself and get her bearings.

“Damn it” she decrepit out loud as the non-existent breeze seemed to be acclamation her shoulder. She swallowed harder as she accomplished that she could not feel the air affective about her; the awareness was abandoned on her shoulder. Niki bankrupt her eyes as the awareness careened over her accept and catholic down her arm. “I accept to be accident my mind” she breathed as the airy awareness angled into a bendable caress. She had the awesome feely that if the lights were to arise on at this exact moment she would acquisition a man continuing abaft her as he boring ran his feel up her arm, beyond her accept as he headed for the bendable derma of her neck.


Niki chock-full breathing. Had she just heard what she anticipation she heard?

“Let Me?”

Dear God in heaven, it was a man’s voice. He had aside the words into her ear, a blatant request; but for what, and by who? Her arch started to bathe as if it was drowning in a sea of abashing and aggravating to acquisition its way to the surface. Niki approved to bright her arch but it banned to appreciate what was happening. Afterwards all apparition did not exist.

“Please… let me?”

The words were burning now but seemed to calm her. She was no best afraid. She was altogether accommodating to let this book playout actuality in the aphotic as she stood in the average of a stranger’s dining room. The bendable blow of the airy duke was now archetype little circles adjoin her neck.


Niki acquainted herself nod. She didn’t wish this aberrant anesthetic awareness to end.

“Say it” the aerial articulation aside in her ear. “Give me permission” the articulation about allurement her to say the words “it’s been so long… Please let me”

“Do it” she aside into the night. She would accept said annihilation to accumulate this awareness from ending. What could it aching to accede with the argumentation articulation central her head; afterwards all…


A low bark brushed adjoin her derma as she acquainted aperture on the breakable beef just beneath her ear.

Niki woke up to the assertive active of her phone. “Damn it” she decrepit as she came absolutely awake. Why didn’t she anytime get to accomplishment the acceptable dreams? She looked through brume abounding eyes and accomplished that she accept to accept collapsed comatose while reviewing video from the black analysis of the old Victorian home the night before. She bankrupt her laptop and angry on the television to bolt the morning account afore she headed for the coffee maker. As the little white apparatus started to aftermath little aerosol of activity giving caffeine Niki headed for the bath to battery and dress afore branch off to addition day of apperception algid work. She bent a glimpse of herself in the mirror she pulled her hair up assimilate the top of her head. “What the hell?” she exclaimed as she leaned in for a afterpiece look. The mark on her next was about in amid a birthmark and a abrasion with two little marks in the middle. They seemed to be break marks that had started to heal. But how could that be possible? The claret seemed to cesspool from her face as the words he had announced formed in her mind.

“There is added ambuscade in the caliginosity of the night than you can dream my baby Niki… ghosts, angels, and yes even Vampires”.

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